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Deep Screen Reflection

Meanwhile Gallery - 30 January - 18th Feburary, 2017.

Price Less

Rockies Gallery - 19th August - 3 September, 2016.

Medium sized white t-shirt from the Warehouse: $5

Medium sized white t-shirt from Topshop: $18

Medium sized white t-shirt from Kmart: $10

Medium sized white t-shirt from Asos: $22

Silkscreen print for each T-shirt at ESP: $104

6 pack of white coat hangers from the Warehouse: $3

Black leather wallet from the Warehouse: $25

Personalised Eftpos cards from ANZ: $0

Some chain, two hooks and two connectors from Bunnings: $33

Industrial tube light from Bunnings: $70

Semi-clear vinyl print from Blink Boys Printing: $140



Contemporary International Lifestyle

Window Gallery - June 8th, 2016 - & Krystina Kaza

Exhibiton View - Image Credit: Sam Harnett

Spineless Victim (2016). Coat Hangers, Glue, Screws & Steel Pole - Image Credit: Sam Harnett

I Loooove this Lamp! (2016). Floor Lamp, White Paint, White T-Shirt, Mannequin Section & Light Blub

Untitled (2016). Venetian Blinds

Anti-Person Spray (2016). Nivea Men, Silver Protect Anti-perspirant on Room Mirror - Image Credit: Sam Harnett

The aesthetics of 'Contemporary International Lifestyle' do not bow to short lived trends. In fact, timelessness and Zeitgeist have been blended to form a harmonious overall concept. The setup gains expression and life through an ingenious combination of colours, materials and a sophisticated surface feel. The expert interaction of all components and the brilliant combination of material, colour, architecture and light makes the work come to life. The beauty, the worthwhile and the valuable from a past age live on and are carried over to today, newly interpreted. The work dispenses with the superfluous, in keeping with artistic principle. It creates timeless art, emotionalised with traditional elements, representing timeless, classic taste while at the same time meeting the highest demands in technology and function. Authenticity and a sense of the natural are important aspects of the work. It creates an oasis of well-being at the very center of life. Against this background, the artists have designed a collection of works in the spirit of 'Contemporary International Lifestyle'. ~ Text repurposed from leicht.com


A Breath of Perfection.HD Video: 2.09mins.


30upstairs Gallery, 2016
How long is a can of shaving foam?
Opening March 3 - 24 2016

HD Video: 5.45mins (install)

MFA, Elam School of Fine Arts 2015
Blue is the Warmest Color
Opening Nov 27 - 29 2015

Imperfect Lovers (2015). Old and new Nike Shoes on Plinth.

His Own Finest Product (2015). HD Video, TV on Beaten Aluminium Poles.

how long is a can of shaving foam? HD Video: 5.45mins, TV.

Anti-Person Spray (2015). Nivea Men, Silver Protect Anti-perspirant on Bathroom Mirror.

Dipped in Blue. (2015). Stretched Neoprene & Acrylic Paint.


Other Works.

The Smell of Green, Pink & Blue (2015). Mouthwash, T-shirts.

This would sharpen you up and make you ready for a bit of the old ultraviolence. (2015). Upholstered Hoodie, Fitness Equipment and Bungee Cargo Net.

Oh How My Body Aches (2015). Shower Caddie, Expoxy Resin.

Dipped in White. (2015). Stretched Neoprene & Acrylic Paint.